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Trail to Mt. Ida Rocky Mountain National Park

Trail to Mt. Ida Rocky Mountain National Park

Coloradans are passionate about the great outdoors, the trail ahead, and being good stewards of the environment.  This is especially true of Estes Valley residents, as we’re privileged to have Rocky Mountain National Park as part of our backyard.

Consistent with current environmental best practices, Darling Enterprise designs and builds green homes.  Building green is good for the environment, and it’s good for our clients.  Energy costs are reduced, and green homes have better resale value than traditional stick frame homes.

See our "Sustainable Design/Build" Slide Show in the Gallery.

Green starts in the design phase.  We focus on and confer with clients on green topics in these key areas:

  • Minimizing home impact on the lot and surrounding area.
  • Maximizing energy efficiency—orienting the home to increase solar gain; paying strict attention to R-values on all exterior building components.  Offering options such as ICF Construction and supplemental wood pellet boilers (see below).  Incorporating energy-efficient systems and components such as radiant heat, spray foam insulation, and Energy Star products and appliances.
  • Ensuring water conservation—using high efficiency plumbing fixtures.
  • Keeping indoor air quality pristine—utilizing radiant heat and central vac to eliminate blowing dust and bacteria; using only low VOC emission products for paint, carpeting, cabinetry, and adhesives.
  • Sourcing building materials locally and/or regionally as often as possible.

These topics are a starting point.  We’ll work with clients on specific green requests, up to and including LEED Certification, and the utilization of renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic and wind.

ICF Construction

One option Darling Enterprise offers for achieving higher R-vales in exterior walls is ICF Construction (Insulated Concrete Form Construction). Typical wood frame walls have R-values ranging from R-9 to R-15. The R-values of ICF walls constructed with poured concrete range from R-17 to R-26.

Contractor builder Don Darling guides concrete into an ICF form

Don guides concrete from a pumper truck into the ICF forms of a new Estes Park home. ICF walls provide maximum insulating capability and the greatest protection against air infiltration from Estes Park winds.

See more sustainable building ideas in the Gallery slide show.

Supplemental Wood Pellet Appliances

Another energy-saving option right for some homeowners in our area is a wood pellet heating appliance. Wood pellets are a plentiful fuel in Colorado. They can heat a home for a fraction of the cost of traditional fuels.

Contractor builder Don Darling with pellet boiler

Ask Don whether a wood pellet boiler, such as this one, is right for your new home.



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