About Us

The Story of Darling Enterprise

My dad, Don Darling, is a third-generation carpenter and homebuilder. He began working as a master carpenter in Northeastern Ohio in 1975 and he launched his own company in 1979. My mom and dad fell in love with the Colorado Rockies and in 1993, they moved our family to Estes Park.

Dad continued building in Estes Park by completing his first custom home here in 1994. As a teenager in Estes Park, I always remember the long hours and hard work dad put into the business. He did, however, always make time on the weekends for my sisters and me that typically lead to time spent in the great outdoors.

Dad’s hard work paid off. Darling Enterprise quickly earned a reputation in the Estes Valley for building premium quality homes featuring innovative energy-efficient design, stunning kitchens and baths, and expert craftsmanship. Dad always prided himself in building not just beautiful homes, but beautiful homes that met the needs and expectations of his clients.

Now a Second-Generation Business

Don and Adam Darling

After graduation from high school, I moved back to Ohio to pursue a bachelor’s degree and a career in corporate America. In 2018, I was working at a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company in logistics and project management. Over the years, dad and I had many discussions about coming out and joining the Darling Enterprise Team. 

That summer, around a Colorado campfire, dad asked me again to move to Estes Park and work with him. Dad said the business was growing and the company needed a project manager. 

After many discussions with my wife Marci, the timing and move just made sense, so we made the decision to move out and join Darling Enterprise. In March of 2019, Marci and I moved our family to Estes Park to join Darling Enterprise as a project manager.


We focus on quality, communication & satisfaction.

Over the years, Darling Enterprise expanded and diversified. Today we’re a top-flight general contractor that also handles commercial design, construction, and renovation, as well as home remodeling and additions. Many of the new homes we build today are in the prestigious Windcliff Estates area of Estes Park.

The Design-Build approach we employ at Darling Enterprise serves both residential and commercial clients well. Design-Build means that as the general contractor, Darling Enterprise is the single point of contact responsible and accountable for getting the job done right. Should a problem arise, there’s never finger-pointing; we just fix the problem.

At Darling Enterprise, we focus on quality, customer communication, and customer satisfaction. From the beginning, we’ve always ensured that every project is completed to specification with superb workmanship. Dad and I personally visit job sites on a regular basis as part of the quality control process.

We build beautiful spaces in beautiful places.

One of our company’s strengths is the breadth and depth of our subcontractors and vendors. This comes from years of experience in the Estes Valley and Northern Colorado. If your project requires a special feature or unique attribute – say etched glass, custom doors, or expert tile work – Darling Enterprise has the experienced subcontractor right for the job. This knowledge of more than one hundred highly qualified subcontractors and vendors with unique skillsets, services, or products is extremely helpful during design and construction. We know that we’re only as good as our employees and the skilled tradesmen and contractors with whom we work.

We like saying we build beautiful spaces in beautiful places. More importantly, we’d like to build your beautiful space in this beautiful place— Estes Park, Colorado.

Adam Darling