For Architects

Building at 9,500 ft has its challenges

If you’re an architect designing a client home to be built in Estes Park, we can help. Building on the side of a mountain at elevations up to 9,500 feet presents its own set of challenges. For example, wind is a significant factor.

Because winter winds can be strong, our preferred building method is ICF, or Insulated Concrete Form construction. In essence, ICF construction takes the foundation all the way up to the roof. Exterior walls are made out of poured concrete. This makes them extremely well insulated and a true barrier to Colorado mountain winds. We’re happy to share our ICF knowledge and experience with client design teams.

One other area in which we frequently offer design recommendations is windows. It goes without saying that optimizing views is what it’s all about in Estes Park. We can recommend the best window products for your design. These would be the correct Low-E windows that are large but structurally sound, either standard-size or custom-made.

Whether it’s windows, ICF Construction, or the hundreds of other design considerations that go into a new home, we’re happy to review drawings and discuss how we can partner to help you design a Rocky Mountain masterpiece.

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