Darling Amenities

It’s the little things

At Darling Enterprise, we realize that it’s the little things that often make a home special.  Everyone has design and feature priorities. For some, it might be a wine cellar or in-floor heat. Fot others, it might be a dishwasher that never requires bending over to load or unload.  Listed here are a few of the most popular and/or the most interesting amenities we’ve included in the homes we’ve built.

In-Floor Radiant Heat

With in-floor radiant heat, the coils are covered by the flooring. There are no visible vents and there is no blowing air. This reduces the spread of viruses, bacteria, dust, and allergens. In-floor heat is very efficient costing 20% to 30% less to operate than forced air heat. In-floor heat means warm floors even in the winter.

Sliding Barn Doors

They’re not just for barns anymore. Besides being space savers, sliding barn doors add rustic beauty to modern homes. They’re especially popular here in the west. Sliding barn doors are perfect for bedrooms and home offices. Dual sliding barn doors can serve as an elegant entry to the formal dining room.

Steel Reinforcement

Did we mention it can get windy in Estes Park? Beyond Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Construction to protect against wind, Darling Enterprise often incorporates steel to reinforce critical areas of homes such as window framing and decking.  

Hot Water Recirculating

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning, turning on the shower, and immediately enjoying hot water and a hot shower. That’s the beauty of a hot water recirculating system.

Custom-Etched Glass

This is a feature that will set your home apart. Inspiration for your etched glass can come from your home’s surrounding area, the mountain views you see, or a specific theme that interests you or your family.

Extra-Tall Garage Doors

This may not be for everyone. But with the renewed interest in RVs, perhaps a 16’ extra-tall garage and garage door would be just what you need. Beyond tall garages and doors, we can design and incorporate any special feature into your new Darling home.

Cool Stairs

We didn’t set out to make terrific staircases, it just sort of happened. Now when we design new homes, we give careful thought to how people get from floor to floor. Perhaps a staircase such as this one with built-in shelves and storage would work for you?

Private Outdoor Spaces

In Colorado, we enjoy and celebrate nature and the great outdoors. A small private deck off the master bedroom is the perfect place for a morning coffee or tea. It can also be your favorite place to unwind, read, or just appreciate the beauty of the Colorado Rockies.

Beyond Craftmanship

Darling Enterprise takes craftsmanship to an artform. In this powder room, the fusion of tile, masonry, and low voltage lighting create a one-of-a-kind design that’s unique and inspiring. Guests may ever leave. What special amenity can we craft into your home?

Making customers smile

We stay current with the latest in home building design and technology. During the interview phase, based on customer input, we’ll suggest certain amenities.  Often, these suggested amenities make our customers smile. That’s one way we know we’re doing our job.