Expand, update, modernize

You just bought a beautiful home in Estes Park. You love it. But from the time you first saw it, you knew it would need a new kitchen and maybe an extra bedroom. Or, perhaps you’ve lived in Estes Park for years and now it’s time to expand, update, and modernize.

The photos on this page are all remodeling projects by Darling Enterprise – from kitchens and bathrooms, to room additions, to an outdoor living space and a custom pergola.

One of the biggest reasons for a home rennovation is to add space. In this photo of a home addition project, you can see the walls of the original cabin as well as the framing of the big new great room and deck that we’re adding on. Who couln’t use a little more space?

Care, attention to detail & craftsmanship

Darling Enterprise can handle your remodel with the same care, attention to detail, and craftsmanship that go into our new homes. Contact the Darling Enterprise team. We’ll be happy to discuss your remodeling project and offer ideas.