ICF Construction

Like many Darling Enterprise projects, the Mountain View Townhomes were built using ICF Construction methods.

Beautiful, energy efficient homes.

Insulated Concrete Form Construction is Darling Enterprise’s preferred building system. ICF Construction delivers beautiful homes that are energy efficient and well-suited to the high winds we can experience in the Colorado Rockies. ICF walls provide maximum protection against air infiltration.

In ICF Construction, the walls are made of concrete. First, insulated forms are constructed. These forms will hold the poured concrete. The forms and the concrete will serve as the exterior walls of the home.

Next, a concrete pumper truck is used to pour concrete into the forms. This creates concrete walls that will extend from the footers up to the roof.

Even after the concrete dries, the light blue insulated forms will be left in place to serve as added insulation for the exterior walls.

Something special

Whether modern, traditional, or Spanish style stucco, an ICF constructed home by Darling Enterprise will mean a lifetime of comfortable, safe, energy-efficient living in the Estes Valley.

Benefits specific to ICF Construction

  • Energy efficiency and resultant cost savings. Typical wood frame walls have R-values ranging from R-9 to R-15. The R-values of ICF walls constructed with poured concrete exceeds R-29.
  • ICF homes result in a CO2 savings. The CO2 generated by concrete production is offset and exceeded by the fact that less lumber is required to build the home and significantly less energy is required for heating over the life of the home.
  • Strong walls.
  • Mold, rot, mildew, and insect resistant.
  • Sound blocking.
  • Overall comfort.
  • Disaster resistant.

Darling Enterprise has the expertise and experience to build a beautiful, energy efficient ICF home for you.