There are times a person asks questions, not really to anyone in particular but a general question in the mind, and moving forward is one of those questions.

Growing older is “moving forward”, weather your in grade school or in the 4th quarter of life. Losing a loved one or dear friend can be quite hard, but there’s little choice in the matter other than “moving forward”. With our current concern, world wide, over the COVID-19, we are all “moving forward” with different lifestyles and schedules than just a few short months ago. Moving from one location to another can be “moving forward”, weather it’s your home or place of business.

Over the years my normal routine of being a carpenter involved starting a job, then in a designated period of time, completing that job. After completion I moved to another location for another job, so with me it’s been normal to make moves, I guess a natural part of “moving forward”.

Recently Larraine and I had an opportunity to acquire an office building in town, the previous office of my dear friend and architect Roger Thorp. This was an opportunity for Darling Enterprise to make the next step for “moving forward”. I can tell you everyone is really excited about the move for several reasons….But one really big reason…. PARKING RIGHT OUT FRONT!

After some remodeling of the main office space, it’ll reflect the true Darling Enterprise caricature. Design and quality make a compelling statement as soon as you pull up to the building.

We expect to have the remodeling done by Mother’s Day, and if you’re around, and if we can move about, then we all hope you’ll stop by and check it out, just before we all start “moving forward” again!